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Valve Type Hot Runner System

This pneumatic gate system is variously applicable to many kind of product to achieve economical price, fast delivery, and high-quality after sales service based on technological and economic feasibility. With this system, the injection amount of each single gate can be controlled by sequence controlling.





A. Normal Valve System

Product property: This is ETECH’s typical high-quality pneumatic valve system which is suitable for both small and large product

Nozzle series: EV-20,25,35,45



B. Special Valve System

Product property: This makes gate mark even on engineering resin product. Pins and gates of this system have same concentricity and true point, so the system is suitable for quick injection molding and mass production

Nozzle series: SV-20,25,35,45

Types of tips: MAA,MCC,MGA….


C. Multi Valve System

Product property: This is a valve system which is suitable for numerous small cavities. By applying this system, the injection molding process interval can be remarkably reduced.

Nozzle series: MV- 35,40,45,50

Types of tips: C, P




Micro Valve Nozzle

  • DOUBLE Piston
    – PD2525-08, PD3030-08
    – Minimum Pitch (35.00~40.00mm)
    – Suitable for Multi Cavity molds
    ex) Cosmetic, Cap, Packing products
    – Gate can be installed deep inside the product
    – Can be installed cooling for HRS internal and product cooling

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