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Sequential Injection Timer

Sequential injection enables opening and closing valve gate nozzle accordingly to precise time sequence settings. It is applicable in single and multi cavity moulds. The major features are: reduction of weld lines, increased appearance and strength of injection molded parts and it is effective in reduction of clamping force of injection molding machine.

  • Weld line free part
  • Control Capacity of any gate injection individually
  • Minimize the flow mark

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  1. ET300TM Integrated
    Two model can be selected :2 04 8 gates controllerAdjusting the value and setting , the operation is simple

    Each gate support A or B operation mode

    Real time display running status

    Software control on/off function

    Output voltage :AC220V/DC24V

    Oil valve control with air cooling system

    Precise time control(minimum 0.01 second maximum 999 se).

    Intelligent function ,one time formed by aluminium

    CE Certification


  2. ET300T Insert
    Adjusting the value and setting time, the operation is simpleManual on/off function

    Output voltage : AC200V/DC24V

    Support A or B operation Mode

    Real Time Display running status

    Precise time control (Min 0.01 sec , Max 999 Sec)

    Software control on/of function

    CE Certification

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm


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