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Normal Hot Runner System

Open Type Hot Runner System

This high quality open gate system was constantly developed to make it applicable to divers products. There are many kinds of nozzle that suitable for different product with different properties. Every nozzle was certified properties. Every nozzle was certified its stability.

Product property: This is the ETECH’s representing open gate system, and this is widely applicable through small to large products.

Nozzle series: NO-20,25,35,45


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KM Open System

Product property: The gate of this system is consists of separated TIP and UNION, so every nozzle has the same distance between gate and tip. This has a reduced gate distance by applying slim coil heater. This system is suitable for small and medium sized cap products.

Nozzle series: KM-15,20,26

Types of tips: CC







Multi-Tip Open System

Product property: Each gate has the same injection amount as resin holes are separated into every nozzle tips, due to this, the system can be applied to a multiple gates mold for the even injection.

Nozzle series: MT-35,45

Types of tips: MTC






Normal Open Single Nozzle

Product property: This nozzle system is easy to apply and it has excellent heat stability. It is applicable to almost all kinds of plastic products.

Nozzle series: NOS-20,25,35,45



DH Open Single Nozzle

Product property: This nozzle was designed to be suitable for engineering resin such as PC, PA. Separated heaters were installed to the head and the body of a nozzle to maintain the best injection condition.

Nozzle series: DH-20,25,35,45

Types of tips: SAA, SAB, SAC, SCC…


Micro Open Nozzle

The outer diameter of the nozzle is the size of a ballpoint pen, and HRS can be installed in a small space.

  • Small products, can be installed in narrow(pitch) molds
  • Suitable for Multi Cavity molds, Eg. Cosmetic, Cap, Packing products
  • Install Gate directly into the product


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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm


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