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Hot Halves

The basic concept of this system is that ETECH take responsibility of hot runner part from mold milling to electrical wiring, assembly, and delivery. Customers are only in charge of molds. To some extent, hot runner components are not easy to produce, thus it might take extra time to be completed, and it depends on types of tools, and row material quality. 

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Hot Half

ETECH processes all the procedures (mold milling – assembly – test). Thorough tests are conducted during the producing process and also before delivering. After the examination, goods are packed which prevents damages from foreign substances.

CONNECTOR AND SOLENOID (Prominent type / Molds)

Prominent type connector or solenoid is applicable to following cases Applicable to a small sized mold or when the numbers of heaters are great. (More than 10)Prominent connector boxes are applied to molds that do not have to be stacked for storage.


Buried type connector or solenoid is applicable to following cases. When the sufficiently enough room for connector installing is secured, without concerning with the numbers of zones. If there is any possibility of damage during handling the mold. When the molds are necessarily stacked in storage. If there is an existence of structural obstruction on the…

CONNECTOR AND SOLENOID (Prominent type / Valves)

This system is applied to non-stack, medium to large sized mold, and is generally applied to valve systems.
Normally, solenoid is preferentially buried into the mold as it has higher possibility of damage than connector. This is for preventing or minimizing the occurrence of defective goods.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm


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