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Prewired Hot Runner System

  • HRS components are assembled and operated separately (Pre-wired)
  • Heater, T/C Wire and pipe are assembled outside.
  • Separate duct protects wirings
  • Different assembly types are used according to gate distance and nozzle length.
  • Reduce weight of HRS (Save shipping cost)
  • Easy machining (Customer needs to machine pockets in plate)
  • Without removing valve pin, HRS checkup and maintenance are possible.
  • Special cautions are required when handling HRS (damage to parts, etc.)
  • Pipe and coupler need periodic maintenance.
  • Size is limited in case of Screw type of coupling structure.
  • System supplied in assembled Condition, ie Prewired
  • Nozzles are screwed  to avoid resin leakages from nozzle and manifold contact.
  • Without removing valve pin, HRS checkup and maintenance are possible.

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Hydraulic & Cooling Tube

The structure is easy, oil-leaking will not be happened .Cooling plate is set up so as to cool off cylinder and increase the O-Ring’s life span. O-ring max pressure: 315 bar  – Using Parker, Oil-leaking can be avoided because that there is inserted O-Ring inside the nipple.

Cooling Plate

Apply Cooling plate under cylinder, to prevent heat conduction from Manifold to Cylinder and keep the more life cycle for O-ring in cylinder. Cooling PGB by plate, to prevent resin leakage between PIN-PGB.

Advantages for Industries using Pre-Wired Integrated Hot Runner Systems

  • Easy to Handle the system as assembled system.
  • Critical Dimensions and Tolerances are Minimum to manage.
  • One man Can Handle the System while Assembly / dismantling from Mold
  • Assembly /Dismantling time is very less
  • Nozzle are Screwed to avoid Resin Leakages. (mould Break-down time nil)
  • Guiding Pin Hole Provision saves the Tips to not get damaged while assembly.
  • Easy machining Process .    
  • Separate duct Protect Wiring form Damages hence increasing there Life Span.
  • Gun drilling process in the mold plate is avoided, Pipes and couplers are used for  Air and Oil Transfers.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm


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